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WordPress to JAMStack

Using WP2Sstatic Plugin to convert WordPress to JAMStack

How it Works

By using the WP2Static Plugin, A snapshot of your WordPress site is generated, which looks identical to your site’s audience, but with the complicated parts of a WordPress site removed from behind the scenes.

WordPress Development Server

(Local or Hidden with Basic Authentication)
The current WordPress set-up will be moved to your local server or on a subdomain (i.e

Content will be published as static to the live server using the WP2Static Plugin

Live Static Server (netlify)

The Live URL will be pointed to Netlify serving static pages on JAMStack



No database means no time-consuming multiple queries. Static sites are faster sites, even up to 10x.


73.2% of the most popular WordPress installations are opened to vulnerabilities. Statically rendered websites with no plugins are a fortress and let you save money on security.


Traffic bigger than usual? Not an issue here. With JAMstack marketing websites uptime is anytime. And doesn’t cost a fortune.


Low-cost technologies that leverage open source software and free tools.

Most of us know WordPress and the reason why it’s widely used by big brands or even mom and pop businesses. If you don’t know the reasons, here’s why.

WP2STATIC Static Site Generator

WP2Static is a unique security and performance plugin for WordPress. It generates a snapshot of your WordPress site, which looks identical to your site’s audience, but with the complicated parts of a WordPress site removed from behind the scenes.

JAMstack stands for JavaScript, APIs, & Markup; it’s an approach to building websites that allows you to have all the web performance and security benefits of a static website along with the dynamic capabilities of a database-driven CMS.

Netlify offers hosting and serverless backend services for static websites.

Are you getting tired of keeping up with WordPress security and performance?

The very strength of WordPress is also the source of its weakness – vulnerabilities and inefficiencies. With flexibility and being “open”, the WordPress architecture is no secret to anyone and can easily be injected with malicious codes. Since then, a number of businesses emerged to provide “solutions” in the form of security plugins, overpriced hosting that offers one-click backup restoration should your website gets compromised.


Here are some of the static websites that are created with WordPress

Website Redesign for a Non-Profit Marine Life awareness community

  • WP2Static
  • Netlify
  • Rezdy Booking
  • Google Analytics
  • Mailchimp

Web design & development for a town website promoting sustainable tourism

  • WP2Static
  • Github Pages
  • Olark Live Chat
  • Google Analytics


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